Getting Dents Repaired? Add These Services To Get A Whole New Look

Scheduling to have body work done on your vehicle provides you with the perfect opportunity to make a few extra updates that will give your vehicle an entirely new look. This should give your vehicle a few more years of life and enable you to optimize its resale value, which will come in handy if you decide to sell it or trade it in at a later date. Here are a few services your auto body service technician may be able to provide you with, and why they're worth your consideration:

Get a Paint Job

There is no better way to make your vehicle look new again than to give it a new paint job, and your service technician shouldn't have a problem getting the job done once the dents are repaired. The right paint color can make a positive impact on your vehicle's resale value as well – white, black, and silver are your best options if you're interested in optimizing the value of your ride.

Bold colors tend to sell the slowest, so if you do feel like being a bit unique, go for a subtle or dark hue such as forest green as opposed to teal, or a sandy color instead of yellow. If your vehicle is already the color you'd like it to be, ask your technician whether or not a touch-up is a viable option. It may be almost as expensive to touch your paint up as it is to have it completely redone with fresh primer and the latest paint.

Tint the Windows

Having tinted film applied to your vehicle windows will not only complement the look and feel of its new body after being repaired, but the process will also help block up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays from entering the windows so your vehicle interior doesn't fade or crack due to excessive sun exposure. Window tint film also keeps excessive heat from penetrating the vehicle, so it is easier to maintain optimal temperature levels while you drive. Ceramic and carbon based films prevent heat penetration by about 50 percent and will not interfere with radio waves, Bluetooth functions, or internet capabilities.

Replace and Introduce Accessories

While the process won't necessarily increase your vehicle's value by any significant amount, replacing the hardware – such as rearview mirrors, door handles, and headlight caps – will give your car a shiny new look that is free of nicks and blemishes. Introducing other kinds of equipment, like a navigation or security system, will give the interior and performance of your vehicle an impressive update while possibly increasing its resale value when all is said and done.

A sunroof is another awesome option that can make your vehicle feel like a completely different ride while helping to increase its value overall. These are all services your auto body technician may be able to install for you, although you may have to provide the accessories for installation yourself or pay an additional fee for the service.

Points to Ponder

Because vehicle market values tend to change from year to year, it's important to focus only on the updates that you will personally enjoy while you own the vehicle, as there is no guarantee how those updates will play a role in the sale or trade in of the car in the long run. Spending money on updates that don't benefit you now may not pay off well for you in the long run. Investing in those that will provide you with benefits are bound to pay for themselves as time goes on, even if they can't be factored into a higher resale value or your vehicle after all.

These update ideas should help make your car look new again and give you a sense of pride as you drive down the road. 

For more information and options, talk with the experts at a local auto body shop, such as Central Body Co Inc.