How To Fix Small Paint Chips

At first, small paint chips might not seem like anything to worry about. If you leave them alone for too long, you do need to worry about possible problems. For instance, the chip can lead to rusting on your car body, and it can eventually get bigger. This article explains why and how you should fix small paint chips:

Using Touch Up Paint and Sandpaper

First, track down your touch up paint. You will have the best luck if you go directly to the dealership. Get the right brand, and you are going to have fewer issues when it comes to matching the paint.

One of the most important things you need to do any meaningful auto body repair is sandpaper. Just like wood sandpaper, auto sandpaper can be used by hand or on a power sander. Auto sandpaper is usually wet sandpaper. This just means it needs to be wet during sanding. It is usually a small pad, not just paper, making it easier to use. This is extremely smooth sandpaper that won't even rough up the surface. In fact, on older cars where the paint is faded, and the clear coat is no longer shiny, there is a good chance that a little sanding will actually slightly polish the finish. In fact, auto sandpaper will be needed both before and after doing any touch-up painting.

Fixing Small Paint Chips

Fixing small paint chips is actually simple if there is no major damage to the car surface. If the hole is not deep or rusty, you can basically paint right over it. The paint is easy to apply using the provided brush. The trick with using touch up paint is to use the paint sparingly and apply multiple coats. That is, put on just a little and let it dry before applying the next coat. This will probably take several coats. When the final coat is applied and dry, you can buff it out using the sandpaper to help it blend in. The wetter the paper is, the smoother the finish it leave behind.

If you have an old car with faded paint, new paint might not match perfectly at first. However, over time it will blend in. Obviously, having paint that doesn't perfectly match is way better than having exposed, rust spots that can grow and become more problematic over time. Fix your small paint chips now and you will probably end up saving money.

Contact local truck repair services for more information and assistance.