A Powder-Coated Finish Just Might Help A Rideshare Driver's Reviews

A ridesharing entrepreneur can earn a significant income with the right combination of commitment and attitude. Picking people up on time and conveying a pleasant and professional demeanor during the trips helps. So does arriving at the pickup in a decent-looking car. To tweak the car by powder coating the wheels, rim, or other parts might enhance a vehicle's already good looks. The investment may pay rewards. A cool-looking powder coat enhancement of a normally dull part may impress riders. Good reviews might follow.

Powder Coating for Ridesharing

Powder coating doesn't involve completely repainting a car. The process targets parts to highlight aspects of the vehicle. Through the application of uniquely colored powder. the looks of the trim or wheels gain enhancements. Even the bumper's appearance can be changed. While powder coating won't make or break a ridesharing driver's career, the aesthetic changes do help in the following ways: 

  • Cars Appear Harder to Miss: One thing really annoys riders: looking at the app, seeing their ride arrived, but not being able to pick the car out easily. A sticker on the windshield doesn't always draw eyes. A solid powder-coated finish makes a car stand out. Once eyes focus on the "snazzy" car, attention wanders to the rideshare sticker. Once customers ID their ride, the annoyance of waiting around in frustration stops. That turns beneficial when the rideshare app asks the rider to provide a review rating. Drivers don't want to end up as a forgettable afterthought. A rider's sharp memory about such a ride can translate into a five-star rating.
  • Drives Come Off More Elegant: Ridesharing apps do provide the option for riders to choose a high-end vehicle. The added fees may be out of the price range for the average rider. Why not change the look of your car to present an elegant style? A modestly-priced car's appearance improves with the right cosmetic touches. Riders feel like they're traveling in a high-end car, but pay the price for a standard model.

Just don't make the mistake of choosing a gaudy powder finish. The finish cannot detract from professionalism. Again, you never want anything to hurt a rating. Some riders will zap a driver for odd tastes.

Earning Dollars Through Ridesharing

Rideshare drivers want to make money. Good ratings increase the chances of earning more. Nice-looking cars contribute to those all-important good ratings. With a cya powder coat or a coating from a company more local to you, a nice car can be made to look even better.