Car Dents: How Will You Choose To Fix Yours?

Auto body collision repair services have several different approaches to removing bad dents from cars. Some of these methods are more costly than others, but are also so effective that it is impossible to tell that the vehicle was ever in an accident. If you have damage to your vehicle, which of the following dent repair options will you choose?

Pull or Inflate, Sand, Repaint

If the dents can be pulled through suction and drilling, then you can choose this option. After the dents have either been pulled out using a suction device, or popped out using a drill and inflation device behind the dent, these areas are sanded completely smooth. down to the bare metal. Then they are repainted. Any holes as a result of the dent removal process are filled, sanded, and repainted as well. 

Remove and Hammer

Dents may also be removed by removing the damaged panels and using a hammer to knock out the dents from the reverse side. This takes a lot of work because there will still be creases where the dents pushed and folded inward during the collision. Then the area is sanded and sometimes repainted from the side where your car or truck was hit. 

Fill It and Paint It

Sometimes creating the optical illusion that there is no debt is the best option of all. If a dent is not hindering the function of a door or part of the mechanical functions of the vehicle, you could use a filler material to fill in and smooth over the dent. This really only works with mild to moderate dents, too. It is akin to using plaster to fill a hole in a wall in your house; the filler fills in the space created by the dent. Then the technician smooths it out evenly to be flush with the panel and paints it the same color as the vehicle.

Replace the Panel Completely

One more option is to remove the damaged panel and replace it completely with a new panel. On some vehicles, this option is far less expensive than the grueling laborious options above. On other vehicles, particularly those with retained market value or luxury vehicles, it may be a much more expensive option. It is best to ask your repair technician which of these options is the least expensive and most expensive based on the make and model of vehicle you own.