Why Certified Repairs Matter When It Comes To Auto Body Work

Whether you are redoing your car's paint because you have a small ding or scratch or you have major repairs you have to do on your car, getting certified repairs is key. All auto work should be done by certified repair specialists, and here are the reasons why. 

You get quality work

In order for repairs to be deemed certified repairs, the specialists doing the work have to be certified themselves. When these specialists have completed certain criteria, they get certified in varying levels. From the core certifications to master certifications, the more training a technician has for auto body and paint, the more certified repairs they can do.

You get guaranteed repairs

Certified repairs carry more backing than traditional auto repairs do and have some guarantees associated with them as well. If you need your auto repairs to be guaranteed in the event your vehicle fails in the near future or you are under a lease or warranty with your vehicle, this type of repair is best for your needs. Before you get any certified repairs done on your car, ask your auto body specialist how long these certified repairs are covered and what components are covered as well.

You get peace of mind

There's a certain peace of mind that comes with getting certified repairs on your vehicle, especially when you have many repairs that need to be done. If you have had a lot of framework done on your vehicle to make it drive-worthy again, you want to ensure every repair is backed up by certified repairs in general.

To find out if all the repairs done on your vehicle are certified, ask your auto body technician what certifications they carry compared to the repairs they do. A qualified auto body shop will make sure all paint, dent repair, and auto frame repair work they do are certified as much as possible.

Most auto body shops will put their list of certifications and the people they employ who are certified out on their walls for the public to see. If not, you can ask an owner of the facility what credentials the auto body shop and their employees carry. This way, you can know what certified repairs to expect with your vehicle repairs and you can get the quality work done on your car that you expect.

If you have auto insurance assisting you with your auto body repairs, your car insurance company can recommend an auto body shop that offers certified repairs. Bring your insurance information with you when you visit the auto body shop for a repair estimate so that you have the information you need to get started on your auto body repairs.