3 Ways A Collision Repair Service Can Help Eliminate Stress After A Wreck

If you are involved in a collision, you might not get injured. However, your vehicle might need collision repair services. There are several things that a collision repair shop can do for individuals who need repairs. Some of the services can be initiated immediately following an accident. For example, some collision repair shops have their own towing trucks and can pick up damaged vehicles from accident sites. The following points identify a few other valuable services that they can provide to eliminate some of the stresses associated with collision repairs.

Determine if Warranties Can be Used

Some drivers assume that the damage from car accidents has to be covered at their own expense or through insurance coverage. It is possible for certain parts of your vehicle to be under warranty that allows for you to collect payment for damage from an accident. The collision repair shop can review warranties to determine if you could benefit from warranty repairs or replacements. There is a high probability of this being the case if you have aftermarket parts or an extended warranty. If you will be responsible for your own repairs, discovering warranty coverage can save you money on your repair costs. 

Determine Best Dent Removal Solution

Some dent removal services require removing dents using techniques that require auto paint. These services are usually more expensive because they are labor-intensive and might require replacement parts. The collision repair technicians can inspect vehicles and determine if paintless dent repair (PDR) is possible. If it is, it can be a more cost-effective solution because it is a fast service and does not involve painting.

Find Replacement Parts

It can be difficult to locate replacement parts for some vehicles. Collision repair services can reduce the stress involved with finding replacement parts that are obsolete or difficult to source. This is a repair issue that could occur with an older vehicle or a collectible. If there is a parts shortage for up-to-date vehicles, it could also be difficult to source them locally. However, collision repair shops can use other methods to find used or new OEM or aftermarket parts.

Fast Repairs

One of the biggest concerns that drivers who need collision repairs have is when they can expect to get their vehicles back. The repair shop you choose should be able to give you an estimated return date. Complex repairs will likely take longer because there might be issues such as allowing the paint to thoroughly dry or waiting for parts to arrive. However, many collision repairs such as PDR and windshield replacement can be completed in a shorter time frame.

For more information, contact a collision repair service.