The 3-Step Repair Process You Should Expect From An Auto Accident Repair Expert

If your car survives an accident, you need to take it to a mechanic for repairs to restore its original condition. The auto collision repair experts will assess it and advise you on the best action. Usually, the process takes a few hours or several days for the mechanics to restore your vehicle. 

But what exactly happens when you take your car for repairs? 

Here's what you should expect from an auto collision repairs expert. 

1. Cost Estimate

The first thing the mechanic will do when you take your car for collision repairs is to estimate how much it'll cost. The mechanic will assess the extent of damage and calculate the total cost of repairs. They will check how much paintwork will be enough to restore your car and if there's extensive damage in the affected areas. For instance, if you break the headlights in a collision, you'll have to pay more to replace them. 

Ask the repair expert for documented evidence of the expenses so you can use it in your insurance claim. You should also take photos of the vehicle before repairs as supporting evidence. 

2. Dissembling and Repairing Your Car

The auto body collision experts will then get down to business to fix your car. The experts might have to tear down the broken parts and order replacements. The mechanic will also use an electric measuring system to analyze the car and restore it to its factory settings. This step is vital to ensure the car frame is structurally sound during the repair. 

The auto collision experts will then repair all the damaged areas. Depending on your car's damage, you might need several experts to work on it. For instance, if your car's windshield broke during the accident, you'll need a windshield expert to replace it. Also, a paint expert will spray your car back to perfection after all the other experts finish their work. 

3. Reassembly and Inspection

In this stage, the auto collision repair experts will return all your car's components to their rightful places. Expert repairers pay great attention to detail and will restore it to its pre-accident condition. Once the mechanics reassemble your car, they should run a quality inspection on it to ensure that all the repaired parts work well. For instance, if the experts repair your car's brake system, the mechanics should take the car for a test drive to ensure the brakes function correctly. The inspection helps the mechanics detect any lingering problems with your vehicle before they hand it back to you. 

After the inspection, the mechanic will call you to collect or deliver the car. Ensure you test it immediately after picking it up from the auto collision repairs shop to confirm its functionality.

For more info about auto accident repair, contact a local company.