Have You Checked Your Headlight Lenses Lately?

New cars come with clear headlights, but that nice, clear look doesn't last. Headlight lenses tend to start yellowing and becoming duller each day bit by bit. You might not notice it happening at first, but one day, you go outside and see that your car's headlight lenses are no longer clear and look very old. You can restore these lenses to their former clear glory by either getting a DIY kit or going to an auto body shop.

3 Ways A Collision Repair Service Can Help Eliminate Stress After A Wreck

If you are involved in a collision, you might not get injured. However, your vehicle might need collision repair services. There are several things that a collision repair shop can do for individuals who need repairs. Some of the services can be initiated immediately following an accident. For example, some collision repair shops have their own towing trucks and can pick up damaged vehicles from accident sites. The following points identify a few other valuable services that they can provide to eliminate some of the stresses associated with collision repairs.

The Steps Involved In Auto Body Repair

The process of repairing your vehicle's body can feel like it takes a long time. It is difficult to know exactly what the timeline for your repair looks like, but it is important that you understand the steps involved. This will help you understand exactly what is happening with your vehicle. Here are the steps that your car will undergo during an auto body repair. Get an Estimate for Repairs

Auto Body Scratch Repair

Not all auto body damage is severe. A deep scratch may not affect the function of your vehicle, but it is unsightly. It may also worsen over time, as debris and moisture collect inside and cause rust to form. If ignored for too long, rust may eat away at more of the paint and even put a hole through the metal panel. Fixing scratches promptly is the right choice. Scratch Depth

What to Do if Your Car Has Been Damaged by Hail

Hail damage can be very minor or bad enough to damage a car beyond repair. If your vehicle has been damaged and you need to find a shop that offers vehicle hail damage repairs, a good place to start is the local auto body repair shop.  Get Damage Estimates When you have a car with hail damage, it is hard to tell what can be fixed and what can not. Sometimes the technician can physically repair the vehicle, but the cost of the repairs far exceeds the car's value.